This is not

 Ad execs are saying MORE intrusive ads are the way to go. I say, it's already gone too far.

Could you stand to look at a page on my site - or at any site - with that ad flashing above? Or the one below? I can put the greatest information and content in the world, but how can anyone in their right mind think that people will tolerate looking at what webmasters call a "seizure ad". (It's rumored, some people, having seen these ads are bringing lawsuits claiming viewing a page induced a seizure.) These are just some of the ads I don't run that my ad network is telling me I should run. I'd rather just shut it all down.

WARNING: If you feel a seizure coming on, PLEASE CLOSE THIS WINDOW!!!!

PS - The only thing these scam ads are doing is trying to get your e-mail address and send you what they will argue is opt-in marketing messages. They do not have your interest in mind at all!


Please close this Window when you've had enough.