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(1) Check to make sure it isn't already listed (Do a search)
(2) Add the listing only if you are familiar with the modem, and you have the Brand, Model, Manufacturer, Chipset, ATi3 response, Diagnostic commands, and features supported by the modem. *
(3) Register or log-on and complete the entry. 

* - If you wish to enter a modem you are presently using, first disconnect, run HyperTerminal, and give the modem the ATi3 command; Highlight the ati3 response, & copy to clipboard. Open Notepad.exe, and paste the ATi3 response. Close HyperTerminal & re-connect the modem. Then, paste the ATi3 response in the appropriate field on the Add New Modem to Database screen.

Manufacturer - Who actually made the modem. The FCC ID # is often the best method of determining who actually made the modem.

FCC ID# - If the modem is Internal and you do not know the FCC ID #, it is necessary to open the machine and remove the modem to get the FCC ID #. The FCC ID # is optional - if you don't have it, you can still make an entry for the modem.

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