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Agere Website (Updated 3-May-07)

LSI has completed its acquisition of Agere.

There no longer is an with content, and all the links to that defunct site on the Internet are now broken. These links will take you to a "redirect" page which explains that LSI has acquired Agere and that all the Agere content has been absorbed into the new LSI website. After 10 seconds, any old link into the Agere site takes you to the LSI HOMEPAGE.

For me, it is impossible to find anything on the LSI website: for a reason I have yet been able to determine, the LSI website is broken for me on both Internet Explorer Version 7 and Firefox Version 2: while I can look at the home page, and begin navigation, once I get to a page which has an address ending in ".do" - and all the search for downloads and documentation and drivers end in this - absolutely nothing appears in my browser which thinks it has loaded the page. Even the "Contact LSI" page ends in ".do", so as to make contacting them to tell them their site doesn't work (for me) impossible. [I have tried the site on another computer without a problem, which indicates that some aspect of their site is incompatible with some aspect of my computer setup --- what exactly though is hard to say.]

At this time, old links on Modemsite to the Agere site that I have not been able to locate at will direct to this page. If you know where on the LSI site the content is, please let me know.

This is what you now get for

Sorry, the page you requested no longer exists.

On April 2nd, 2007 Agere Systems merged with LSI. All the former Agere Systems content has been absorbed into the new LSI Web site. Take a closer look as LSI focuses on the storage, networking and consumer markets to deliver the spark that brings people and information together.

You will be redirected to the new LSI Home Page within 10 seconds.

If you arrived at this page from a bookmark, please update your favorites at this time.

We appreciate your understanding and thanks for visiting LSI!


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