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DUNS Connectoids  - Windows 2K

Windows 2K & DUNS. Dial-up networking is not shown on My Computer as in Win9x; instead, it appears in Control Panel, and also in the Start->Settings Menu as "Network and Dial-up Connections":

To edit a Connectoid, open the Network and Dial-up Connections box, and right-click the connectoid you wish to edit:

The Properties for the connection, with 5 tabs appears;

In addition to the tabs, the Configure button provides access to modem properties.

The Configure button brings the modem configruation window.

The defaults - shown here - are normally correct.

The Options Tab:

Controls re-dialing, password prompt, etc.

The Security Tab:

Most ISPs use 'unsecured' password; the defaults set by Windows2K are normally correct for connections to ISPs.

The Networking tab:

This is where the protocol is selected -

for dial-up connections to ISPs, normally only the TCP/IP protocol is selected.

There is an additional Window accessible from here with the Settings button.

The settings button produces this window.

LCP extensions and software compression normally are desirable; however, the default of negotiate multi-link for single link connections may cause problems connecting to some ISPs.

The Sharing tab:

If you are on a local network, other computers on the network can share your dial-up connection to the Internet if you enable it here (and set everything up properly on both computers).

See this page for Editing a Win2k Connectoid.

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