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HCF Firmware/Driver Upgrades

Conexant Generic Drivers - Click here to go to the Conexant Modem Driver Assistance Page. More about generic drivers - and some personal commentary: Be sure to read this, first

NOTE: There is a new HCF chipset - CX06834-11. Drivers designed for old 6795-xx chipset do not provide complete support for the new chipset. New drivers for the HCF2 chipset are available from AOpen and Puretek (see below).

May 2004: New beta HCF2 Driver version 2.173.043 for Windows 2000 & XP only from DDiX Labs available from Modemsite Downloads.

Dmitry, aka 'The Doctor' has released a new (Feb'03) universal driver for HCF & HCF2 version - available from the DDiX Labs and Modemsite Downloads. Earlier  generic  v, .172.056, .173.001 and the HSFbooster program that can tweak and aid in install of drivers, are available for download from Modemsite. IMPORTANT: More Info on the universal driver. from Sony Japan (FTP) Win9x  WinMe from  Compaq from Microsoft WHQL FTP:
WDM Driver for WindowsMe:  A303155   A303130
VxD Driver for Windows 9x:
   A303151   A303126
from IBM-JapanHP-Japan.
* - The IBM-Japan version fixes pulse dial problem; the documentation, readme & portions of setup are in Japanese, although I'm told the version has other country support.

As of 10-May-01, Phoebe Micro indicates it is selling a HCF-based "V.92" modem, the Rocket V.92 Express; The Phoebe download page has a driver for this model (PCI ID 1046), however, the .inf file I examined does not indicate V.92 support. See V.92 News - 10-May-01.

Please let me know about broken links, or add'l sites or updated version #s: 

Link to Vendor site


Aceex DM-56V14HCF for PCI; ( now requires Username & password to access
Acer A truly awful support site; Nothing can be found unless you have series & model #; support only for bundled product. 
56kV90.exe for HCF; version (June'98)at
FTP site
Acer Netxus Model AMI-RA03P; uses PCI id 1025 - FTP site
ACorp Int'l Support/Driver area of site - fax modem - Model A56PIM is HCF modem; no version # listed
Allied Data (Tornado)
Allied Data
Multiple models & chipsets - versions & chipset not listed on web site; Win9x/Me/2k/XP driver available FTP
Amjet Model V1456VQH-R3; version
Amquest (KDS)
Amqeust - Canada
Model AM56HCF/SP version .164.005; Canadian site has .156 driver
AOpen - HCF2 (Ftp)
FM56P, FM56H, FM56-PM & FM-56PLM are HCF modems. No versions indicated on site.
HCF2 - PLX = Data/Fax ver 172.061;  PX = Data/Fax/Voice/Spkph ver 172.061
Apache Micro Windows95/98  WindowsNT  (No Version #s on site) Win2k&XP Version supports PCI IDs 1025, 33 & 35 - A56SPHCF.
Archtek / Smartlink PCI Section / 56PCI-RP2; 56-PCI-R; 56-PCI-R1 are all HCF; no version #s listed
Askey No version #; firmware for HCF & other modems; Thundermax/Thunderlink & others  use same model #s.  (1456VQH-R1)
Aus.Linx Model AL56PCI  version .156
Avaks Finland Model 5614RH/PCI; No driver version listed; Also maintains site in Russian
Aztech MDP3858 - For Win95/98 & NT
BestData SmartOne 56FW/VW; Reported to have
Billion BIPAC 56PCIS = HCF; "New" version listed as "2.11"; Include Win95/98/NT drivers for US, Australia, Europe, Thailand & "?Others"; Modems included in UK w/ PACIFIC PC & MAJIX systems without FCC or BABTA IDs.
Boca Research Winstorm M56HI and MD56HI; versoin not listed on ftp or Boca web site; Driver file:
Compaq - Win95/98 (Version  .134)
Compaq - Win Me & 2K
Version Version .134 re-released Feb-28 "due to errors with SP11741"  Also see - Softpaqs by Model # .154-NT driver  SP14779 - Version NEW- 22-Mar-01 Compaq releases new  version #: (which is shortened); Also search for Compaq SP #s 17386 - 4/01, and 18186 - 6/01.
CIS Industries - Taiwan (Models WS-5614-PM3D and all 5614-xx3x; WinMe driver = version; older versions for other OS) Both and are not operating; company also goes by 'Wisecom'
Compaq- Netherlands Version
Creative Labs / Digicom / Broadexnt ModemBlaster [5630]; Doesn't use Rockwell version #s on webpage; Page includes non-HCF firmware; Digicom systems is now Broadexnt.
CyberPower Driver page links to Askey; Also has downloads for USR Winmodem Win95/98 & NT
DCS Model 56RP6-PCI; version; 
DDiX Labs HCF/HCF2 Drivers: New Nov 2003 173.037 turbo beta drivers
Dell Aztec-PC99 Win98 driver V for US/Canada/Asia; Europe/Australia WinNT driver-US WinNT-Europe
Diamond Diamond, which was acquired by Sonic Blue, and made 'Supra'-branded modems went bankrupt. Sep '03 - acquired by Best Data which provides a driver archive.
D-Link (Australia) Multiple models; chipsets & version #s not listed; For Australia & NewZealand
Dynalink (Australia) 1456VQH-R PCI Card 56 -
Dynamode 1456VQH-R1 - OEMs Askey modems; Drivers on this site are there but hard to find
E-Tech (Netherlands)
Models PCI 56RVP & 56RX; version; Windows 2000 drivers
Elsa (Devolo) MicroLink 56k PCI; Devolo site has drivers. (German language site)
Formosa Industrial - multi-lingual
English modem page
"RockWell" HCF - no version listed
Gateway Essential PCs being shipped with HCF modem made by GVC Win9x  Win2k  WinNT
GVC  (Gentek) GVC-Taiwan is long gone - however, Gentek, the former Canadian GVC distributor maintains FTP site with drivers. Also see: GNet
Harmony USA Doesn't use Rockwell/Conexant version #s
Hawking Tech PN574 is HCF modem; no version # listed
Haicom DM-56V14H is HCF modem.    No version # identified
Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard
*Caution* Some users reporting system problems with Riptide updates
New version rip417na.exe with; old rippc99na.exe also still available; FTP server also has ripwww2k.exe file; You can also check your model for driver updates; HCF="riptide"  older models use the LT Win Modem; low-end models use Soft56. The Riptide is a combo modem & sound card. The NorthAmerican upgrade is back! - more. (Recent HP systems may have a HSF/Soft56/Riptide-Chameleon)
Version Pavilion PC 2000 Win9x driver from
Hitachi See Acer Listing
IBM HCF modem in 2156 through 6269 Aptvia & NetVista version - see readme  Version File rw161us.exe size 4.83mb - available via FTP - also see the .161 readme. [Some users have trouble with updates - make sure you have your original drivers - software CD or on your hard drive in case you need to re-install original drivers!]
IBM V.90 low profile ver for: Win9x  WinMe  Win2K from
IBM-Japan Version fixes pulse dial problem; Readme, doc & setup in Japanese; files include other country support.
International Computer Components, Ltd No version # listed; Also has drivers for CirrusLogic, PCTel, & TI-chipset modems; 
Kobian Their website support page is under construction.
Longshine Model 8060-r2 is HCF Modem; Also has drivers for other chipsets.
Micronet SP3000LC is HCF; No version listed 
Modular Technology Version 'beta'  Multiple countries;  Model PCI HCF.
Multiwave Innovation Had Version - site no longer available.
NEC Japanese site; WDM driver
Phoebe Micro Version not identified; includes uninstall/re-install instructions; NEW: Beta V.92 driver - Win98 only;
Pine Technology PF-X01A V.92 w/ SmartDAA
Pro-Nets Technology Speed Com HPI56SP - no version listed
Protac (Web Excel) version Australia only. Model PT3511 (Manufactured by Puretek) Has WinXP drivers.
Puretek - Taiwan PT3511/3517 Has drivers for multiple countries. Ver 172.039 for HCF; Ver 172.061 for HCF2  (Site frequently reported as down - but I have verified it is live 13-Mar-06) Site is mostly [non-English] (Win95/98/NT/2k) windows95/98     ںˣV2. is the text; PCI ID 1035; Limited country support
Radicom Version  Model MI56w
Sitecom Advanced PCI modem 56kV92 DC-002; Select Support then Drivers from site's homepage
Sony 29-Jun-00 - released; you can check your model for driver updates
29-Jun-01 - Sony Japan FTP link to new version
Taicom (US)
OEM mfr; drivers for several HCF model #s; Also makes non-HCF models
Telewell Site in Finnish; Model TW5614SI Easytel Modem; Versions; and V.92/V.90; mf'd by Taicom
Thundermax Thunderlink modem / Rockwell PCI; has other chipset drivers as well; no version #s
Tiger Direct Has drivers for various modems including HCF(Amquest), PCTel, Motorola & USR; No version #s listed for any of the modems
TiMedia Model F560IC  No driver version listed;  Drivers for "European" and "FCC" (Website not working 9-Jun-01
Trendnet / Trendware Download Center
Trust Communicator 56kPCI is HCF modem; European mfr; old driver - no version # listed
Turbocomm I102 has Conexant HCF chipset; No driver version listed
US Sertek Model DCS 56PR6; No version # listed
WebExcel Australia - Also see Product List/chipset
Well Communications  FM-56PCI-RW  F-56USB-HCF
Wisecom (CIS Industries) No version #s; Models WS-5614PS3A & 5614PM3A are HCF modems. and both are not in opertion.
Zoltrix mirror
 FMHCF56i Spirit; Site has version # mis-print; Driver for Win95/98/NT/Win2K
8FM-56KIHCFVSP (Spirit) driver for PCI IDs 1003, 1004, 1005, 1023, 1024, 1025, 1033, 1034, 1035, 1036, 1053, 1054, 1055, 1056, 1063, 1064, 1065, 1066 and .cty file for 32 countries. (Feb26- Mirror site found by Marek in Poland-Thanks!)
Also has V.92 beta drivers: Zoltrix Model: Smart Spirit (8FM-56KSHCFVSP):
Win95/98 V.92 beta driver. WinME V.92 beta driver. Win2k V.92 beta driver.
Zoltrix Model: TOM CAT 56K USB (8FM-56KTOMCAT):
Win 98 V.92 beta driver. WinME V.92 beta driver. Win2k V.92 beta driver.
Zoom Model 2925 with Rockwell chipset! Version not listed; last changed Nov98

IF YOU KNOW OF A VENDOR SITE THAT HAS DRIVERS FOR AN HCF MODEM THAT IS NOT LISTED ABOVE, or if you find any of the information/links above are incorrect, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

A Big Hawaiian Mahalo to all the people that help me with the list above!

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