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If you use Internet Explorer, you can easily prevent websites from loading Java applets without your authorization. Some adult sites are now downloading a Java applet to you that - without your knowledge - may disconnect you from your ISP and call a 900 # to view the site.

To disable Java, in your browser go to TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS

and then click the security tab. With the 'Internet Zone' selected, click on CUSTOM LEVEL - which brings up a box which includes:

You can also disable JAVASCRIPT - which will prevent things like those nasty pop-up ad windows that appear 'out-of-nowhere' by disabling 'Scripting->Active scripting'

There may be some sites that you want or need these features enabled with - which you can do by adding them to the Trusted Zone, or by creating a customized Restricted Zone. There is an Internet Explorer Browsing Enhancements download available from Microsoft's Windows Update page that makes it easy to add sites to either the Trusted or Restricted zones.

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