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May 24, '02: More of the site contents is available without a Premium Access Subscription - but, with more advertising.

Advertising changes include: more than one popunder may be delivered in a session; some pages may include more than one advertisement; larger ad sizes; and, some pages may include an "In-Vue" ad that floats over the page. 

More advertising and more ad-supported content = less pages that require a subscription to view. Downloads, and some of the pages - especially with graphics and/or sound - continue requiring a subscription.

Modemsite still can't survive on advertising alone. I'm happy to report that there is enough support from people willing to give $1 or more for a subscription to continue. Thank you!

There are also some people who let me know they think I'm a greedy sleezeball that shouldn't be compensated for my work. Sorry.

The sign-up and activation process has been improved - so, if you're ready to get Modemsite Complete - ad-free - sign up here!



Downloads - including some hard-to-get drivers

Forum56 - ask a question about modems - get help and support

Modemsite Complete - access all of the site contents: only a portion of some pages are available without Premium Access.

NO ADVERTISING - No banner ads, no pop-unders, no skyscrapers, no floating ads.

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