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Readme - WildWire 2.92

This is version 2.92 files for Lucent-based WildWire Modems
in systems running Windows95, Windows98 or Windows ME only. See the 
Readme for systems running NT4.

This is a dual digital/analog modem: 56K V.90/K56Flex & DSL.

Before installing this driver, I recommend archiving the LT*.VXD files
in your \windows\system directory, as well as the LTMDM*.INF files in
the [hidden] \windows\inf directory. This will allow you to revert back
to the version you are currently using without requiring the original
installation software/files.

To install the driver:

Download the ltwild292.exe file to a temporary folder.
This is a self-extracting zip file. Run the file (double-click)
to extract the files.

Run setup.exe from the extracted files.

The driver should be installed and the modem supported for dial-up
via regular phone line.
Feedback: Let me know how your WildWire works: Send Feedback.
The software in is the property of Lucent Technologies and use is
subject to their license agreement. 
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