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3Com/USR Test Line:

3Com has set up modems that will attempt to determine if you have a 56k-compatible line. The modems are located in Illinois, so it involves a short (1-2 minute) toll call for most people.

The line test number is 1-847-330-2780 

When you CONNECT, log in as LINE TEST, and within a few seconds, a report will come back indicating whether your line supports 56k, probably supports 56k, or probably does not support 56k.

THIS TEST HAS LIMITATIONS: It may give false positive or negative results. The test is based upon the receiving modem's analysis of Y11 data also available in 3Com/USR client modems. If you have, or can borrow, a 3Com/USR modem, doing the test as described in my A/D Conversion Check Page is much more reliable.

False positives: may not be totally false - you may be limited to 56k connects on just some of your calls - like only long-distance (toll) calls.

False negatives: sometimes the impairments encountered over the long-distance network are such that an accurate assessment of your call quality for local calls cannot be determined.

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