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56k Modem Survey

How does your modem rate? Fill out the form and add your results to the Survey Results.

Brand / ManufacturerChipset   
How long have you owned this modem?How did you obtain this modem?
What is your average connect speedAre your connections reliable?Yes  No
What firmware/driver version are you using?How many times have you upgraded the firmware or driver?
Your location (City, State)What Country are you in?*
RATE this Modem:* Use 2-letter Country Code


Common Country Codes:
US - United States
GB - United Kingdom
CA - Canada
MX - Mexico
AU - Australia
JP - Japan

This survey & privacy: No personal information is requested here. Your IP address is recorded and used internally to prevent duplicate entries - the IP address is not displayed or shared with any third party. Your comments & review, if any, can be viewed on this website for up to 60 days.

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