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Broadband: Not So Fast!

December 2, 2001: Over 800,000 @Home customers served by AT&T Cable Systems lose service. More from

If you think Broadband access (cable or DSL) is the answer to your 56k modem woes, I'll tell you - "Not So Fast!"

Sure, when things work the way they should, there's no comparison to what can be delivered on a broadband versus dial-up connection.

But, things often don't work as they should. So, I'm adding information to the site that will help you decide whether to subscribe to a broadband service, and how to troubleshoot broadband connectivity problems.

Here's what I have so far:

Broadband - Installation: Things you should do after your broadband installation - Firewall & Tweak-tune
DSL & Modems -
DSL is fast - but your modem may become slower
My Broadband Installation
Roadrunner Nightmare
Clogged Highway
I'm chasing Road Runner Hawaii....

TRACE tools are your friend whether it's Broadband or Dial-up. The Trouble Beyond the Modem pages apply to broadband and dial-up connections.

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