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DUNS Connectoids  - Windows 2K

Windows 2K & DUNS. Dial-up networking is not shown on My Computer as in Win9x; instead, it appears in Control Panel, and also in the Start->Settings Menu as "Network and Dial-up Connections":

Creating a new connection - Double-click Make New Connection.

Welcome to the Wizard.
For dial-up connection to the Internet, select - Dial-up to the Internet.


Set up the connection manually...
Connect through phone line and modem
Enter the phone number; if Use area code and dialing rules is not checked, Windows will dial the number exactly as you enter here; otherwise, settings in Telephony will control whether area code or extra digits are dialed.


If you click on Advanced, you get this Window with 2 tabs. Normally, these settings do not need to be changed; however, if your ISP requires you to set DNS nameservers, you'll need to click the addresses tab on this window. See next pane.
This Window allows you to set DNS nameserver addresses.
The next screen is where you put your user name and password.
Then, the screen where you give the connection a name...
And, an offer to set up your mail account.

Followed by an offer to connect you now.

And finally, you're done.

See this page for Editing a Win2k Connectoid.

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