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V.92 Modem Upgrade Survey Results

Total responses = 3263.          Take the Survey

Are you willing to pay for a V.92 upgrade? How much should upgrade cost?
Willing to Pay
Should be Free
Not Willing to Pay
Less than $10
Do you have call waiting?
Have Call Waiting
Don't Have Call Waiting
Do you have 1 phone line?
Have more than 1 line
More than $50
Don't have more than 1 line 
Do you want these new Features:
Call Waiting 
Better Compression (V.44) 
Increased Upstream Rate 
Nothing Exciting about V.92 
1003 Entries with comments (Displaying latest 200)
DateWould Pay?HowMuch?TypeComment
4/6/2023Yes< $10SoftZAP
11/30/2021NoS/b FreeSoftMost with dialup modems have no other choice finacially. By blocking them out with OS & Updates meant only for for those who can afford Broadband thousands will suffer from lack of internet connections for health & finacial issues.
10/24/2013YesS/b FreeH/W-1'
8/1/2012YesS/b FreeH/W-1'
6/21/2011NoS/b FreeSoftMy modems have been V.92 for years but No ISP around has been supporting it.
12/23/2007Yes$10-20H/Wbelkin do they produce a similar product modem?
2/15/2007NoS/b FreeH/WUSR used to make their modems in IL. Now they buy them from the same Asian companies that they used to drive out of the market. FOR SHAME!
12/2/2006NoS/b FreeSoftI only have dail up I need caller Id and modem on hold
9/2/2006Yes< $10SoftOld modem died, bought a new Broadxent DI3631-1, it worked immediately and gets great speeds. Modem was only $15.
5/30/2006YesS/b FreeSoftI have a modem that my comp says can go to 115k i ahve 56k internet and only get 40k max y? plz answer/help
5/2/2006NoS/b FreeH/Wi want my connection rate to be higher
3/15/2006No< $10SoftHave upgraded to XP Home and moden is not compatible
3/9/2006NoS/b FreeSoftmeh......anyone know where I can get driver's for a Conexant HSF Data/Fax, SUBVENDOR ActionTec Tried everywhere..
2/12/2006NoS/b FreeSoftI run a consistant 53333 Dial-up. V.92 has given me a better MOH, but it could be better it could have Call placing as well
1/3/2006YesS/b FreeH/WFast External Modem Work
1/2/2006NoS/b FreeH/Wi need something that will increase my internet speed from 26.4 kbps to at least 28kbps
12/24/2005NoS/b FreeSoftONLY 1 ISP in my area. I can't change if i want to w/o paying long distance charges.
11/30/2005Yes$10-20Softaol sucks, they should support v.92. this would save all my phone aches
11/25/2005Yes$10-20Softi hate changing standards, why dont you select the best one first :S
11/5/2005NoS/b FreeSoftNot everyone has access to broadband or cable connections, so i guess we all should move to areas to which we all can have the pleasure(if you couldn't tell, that's sarcasm).
10/18/2005NoS/b FreeH/WDial-up has been completely milked, upgrade to broadband ladies...
9/27/2005NoS/b FreeSoftI want it to be plug and play!
8/10/2005NoS/b FreeSoftneeds setting to increase average call time, before clicking and you need to disconnect from it.
8/1/2005NoS/b FreeSoftYou mean I must pay for modem to connect at 56k (V.92 PCI Fax Modem) connects @ 26400. installed over six months never connects at higher speed. looked around for String commands no luck. Can you help?
7/31/2005YesS/b FreeH/
7/5/2005NoS/b FreeSoftMy friends modem is faster under same conditions
6/29/2005YesS/b FreeSoftmehregan machine asia
6/22/2005NoS/b FreeH/WCan't get call notification to notify me
6/17/2005NoS/b FreeH/WWhat is the current upsteam average rate???
6/8/2005Yes$10-20H/WU.S. ROBOTiCS RoCkS
5/13/2005NoS/b FreeH/Wwith high speed Internet access, V92 should be de facto for dial-up
5/9/2005YesS/b FreeSofti whant to my internet conection to be more fast
5/6/2005Yes$10-20SoftI need the modem on hold
5/5/2005Yes> $50H/WI need faster connection speeds
4/27/2005Yes$10-20H/WBroadxent Users try this Modem Initialization String/ AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2W0
4/17/2005NoS/b FreeSoftBought 9.99 Agere Modem From Fry's w/driver & SW from Modemsite- Works Fine
3/29/2005Yes$20-30H/WMuch better with v.92 / Ambient / Intel Modem. was the biggest improvement though, I'm over 5x faster than I was with my old modem. HUGE improvement and 200k+ throughput on some sites. V.92 & ROCKS!
3/25/2005NoS/b FreeSoftI hate BROADXENT
3/25/2005Yes> $50SoftUpgraded to zoom 3005; Not working with my IBm 600 thinkpad; modem stalls out after 3400b???; Not to impressed with it; sri gopal.
3/17/2005NoS/b FreeH/Wmy winmodem gave better speed. the usr 5610b never gets above 45333. usr should release rom code and fallback rom bin to go back to v90. v92 is no improvement.
3/17/2005NoS/b FreeH/Wdoesnt surprise me that v92 was no improvement, lucent and agere are telco subsidiaries and they control the dsp technology, ya think they want to improve 56k when they can sell dsl and cable modems at higher cost.
3/4/2005Yes$10-20Softaudible alert
2/2/2005Yes$20-30SoftBest data v92. sucks, Robotics Broadxent 56k v92 pci modem,worked immediately, the netwaiting-the caller id unit,is installed with the drivers,isp dot com, internet provider.
1/29/2005No< $10SoftThe standard modem-on-hold time should be at least 10 minutes. This would allow the making/taking of short calls without loosing your net connection.
1/26/2005NoS/b FreeSoftI either get a 37.2kbs connection or 40kbs - more so the 37.2kbs it frustrates me as I have to wait ages for pages turning
1/20/2005NoS/b FreeSoftI need free agere moh downloadable drivers. My Agere moh does not work. thanks
1/1/2005YesS/b FreeSoftI like v.92. Don't have to worry about missing calls as much (still happens sometimes though). Faster is better, too. Just wish full support was more widespread.
12/30/2004No< $10H/Wi cant connect more than 45.2
12/26/2004NoS/b FreeSoftI don't know anything about v.92 I as looking for a free call notitication for my phone calls. I can't afford callwave and was told I could find one for free.
12/5/2004Yes$30-40Softv92 growth slow in dsl shadow. returned usr, zoom that fell far short of older pctel. gave up, ordered dsl.
11/20/2004NoS/b FreeSoft...
10/22/2004NoS/b FreeSoftn/a
10/22/2004Yes< $10Softupgrade only if a faster speed is guaranteed. i connect at 52k now. your connection speed is based on how many people are using the same dial-up number as you are using at that moment.
9/26/2004YesS/b FreeH/Wnevar
9/19/2004NoS/b FreeH/Wi went and bought $12 modem that ran the v.92 in the dirt
9/13/2004NoS/b FreeSoftThe thing should work when you take it out of the box without upgrading software.
9/6/2004Yes$20-30SoftI just bought a U.S. Robotics V.92 modem. It is much faster than my old one, even at the same hookup speeds, and my ISP (AOL), doesn't fully support V.92 yet.
8/30/2004NoS/b FreeSoftMy V.92 doesn't even work with XP Windows
8/12/2004YesS/b FreeH/WI have the v.92 best datat external fax modem with internet call waiting. Any avaiable software needed tp improve its performance should be free to the customers.
7/26/2004NoS/b FreeH/WCompUSA 56k external modem SKU 289090 doesn't come with V92 software.
7/15/2004Yes$30-40SoftI am in an area that DSL is not available. I bought a Hp 370N with a crappy modem. I replaced it with a V92 and it has made me a much happier camper. Much faster.
7/7/2004No< $
6/30/2004Yes$20-30SoftJust bought broadxent di3631-1 modem v.92 works fantastic with win98se connecting at or above 45k netwaiting working great
6/27/2004Yes$10-20SoftI'm runing a USR modem, works great. I get a 48 or 49k connect
6/26/2004Yes$10-20SoftUpgrade should be free from manufacturer.
6/24/2004NoS/b FreeSoftWhen I bought my Broadxent DI3631 modem, I expect it to work like the box advertises!!!!!
6/23/2004Yes< $10Softall I can say is .,.....don't buy a dell@
6/9/2004Yes$10-20Softmy ISP provides call waiting but it doesn't work to ring me when online, just gives a ring tone for the caller.
6/5/2004NoS/b FreeSoftUSR 5998B V92 is a piece of sh*t. I could connect at 50.3k+ almost all the time now I am lucky to get 28.8.
5/25/2004NoS/b FreeSoftV.92 knocks a minute off the connection wait. If you're having problems with a V.92, you probably have a lousy ISP.
5/20/2004NoS/b FreeSoftI have a Broadxent DSI V.92 PCI DI3631 56kbps connecting @ 26.4kbps
5/16/2004Yes< $10H/WI have a Modem Blaster Flash 56PCI-DI5630, is there an upgrade to V92 for it?
5/15/2004Yes$30-40H/WI bought a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 Modem (Serial) lately, and I'm very happy with it! The Quick Connect function really works for me, and good too! The V.44 compression also works quite fine for me. PCM Upstream and Call-waiting haven't, though.
5/8/2004NoS/b FreeH/Whmm, v92 cannot possible improve your low bps connections, thats all down to the copper wire between u and your exchange. Far better off asking your phone provider to check the line if your gettin slow speeds.
5/8/2004NoS/b FreeSofthrloo
5/5/2004Yes$20-30H/Wi think a modem upgrade would make my computer come on faster
5/2/2004Yes< $10H/WI wanted improved upstream.
4/29/2004NoS/b FreeH/Wi think that upgrade sites and troubleshooting sites should be more readily available to the consumer with autofix whizard
4/29/2004NoS/b FreeSoftwell im i going to get my update for my moden. would be nice,you guys would have more customers
4/28/2004NoS/b FreeH/WI have new Netodragon V.92 modem but it only connects at 24K. My old US Robotics 56K modem still connects at 49.3K. What's up with that.
4/22/2004NoS/b FreeSoftdisconnects enem though I have call wait
4/19/2004NoS/b FreeSoftwe have not been able to get the make a call feture to work,but what we have been able to get to work works great. a plus for areas that cant get broadband or cable..
4/15/2004NoS/b FreeH/WSpaniards are supposed to be the richest people of the world, so we must left the V92 cheap connection to the poorest countries like USA, UK, France, Italy......
4/5/2004NoS/b FreeSoftsince i got msn 9 my modem on hold dont work should the upgrade help.
3/25/2004NoS/b FreeH/WWould like to see improvments in Moden to Modem speeds for RAS connects. Our backwoods phone company does not offer DSL. V92 did not solve this problem.
3/19/2004Yes< $10SoftV.92 Slowed my upstream by 9k / Downstream went up 2k / Went from HARDWARE to SOFT PCI Intel Branded Modem
3/12/2004No$10-20Softagere v.92 modem dropped my bps from 33600 to 24000. Still looking for solution. Near wits end. Help!
3/11/2004NoS/b FreeSoftJust to get anything you want these days (especially concerning computers) It seems you have to buy 20 things just to get to what you really want. People are getting ripped off.
3/8/2004YesS/b FreeH/WI want better d/l speed
2/25/2004Yes$10-20H/WSadly living in a rural area, I'm outside of broadband reach. When house built told Quest DO NOT PUT IN PAIRED LINES they did anyway. SLOOOOOW up/down transfere.
2/15/2004NoS/b FreeSoft1111111111
2/13/2004NoS/b FreeSoftFor an IT shop managing dozens of mobile users, V.92 is a big headache, especially when manufactures will not document or support commands for disabling it. Dell and Conexant are very weak in this area.
2/10/2004YesS/b FreeH/WI live in a area that hasn't got DSL or cable access,so I guess I would like a 56k modem to give me at less 49k,but the best I can get is 28.8k.What do you suggest?
2/2/2004NoS/b FreeSoftthe software for netwaiting that accompanied my new broadxent V.92 modem does not work!!!
2/1/2004NoS/b FreeSoftI think a upgrade should be freee since we already bought the first modem or since the modem came with the computer
1/26/2004Yes$10-20Softneed a true plug and play modem that call-waiting works.
1/21/2004No$10-20SoftIt must work and must provide support!
1/17/2004Yes$10-20SoftJust installed a v92 modem because my old lucent v90 wouldn't work when I upgraded my os to winxp pro. I wish the isp would support it though
1/2/2004NoS/b FreeSoftsupramax le is not compatable with a normal windows 98se system ... it sucks
12/27/2003No< $10SoftI have a V.92 modem and a V.92/.44 ISP. If your Internet provider has V.92 it is well worth the few extra $ for the options and speed. It is only dial up. What more do you want?!
12/21/2003Yes$10-20Softbellsouth won`t give me more than 24000 bps.
12/15/2003NoS/b FreeSoft V92 appears to be another gimick, not fully supported by reliable hardware or ISP assistance. The companies that make these v92 modems need to be boycotted. It appears to be a scam with the ISPs.
12/2/2003Yes$10-20SoftThe downloads thru the V.92/44 upstream are impresively fast
11/13/2003YesS/b FreeSoftninguno
11/12/2003Yes$10-20Softmy new v.92 is very slow!
11/7/2003NoS/b FreeSoftModems are so passe in this day in age. If you have access to DSL or cable or other broadband and a regular/heavy internet user, get it.
11/7/2003Yes$30-40SoftIs this a download modem
10/28/2003Yes$20-30H/WI recently purchased a V.92 modem for $32.00,[thats with tax]but it appears MSN doesn't support it. I have tried to get an answer from them with no avail.
10/27/2003No$10-20SoftI upgraded to a Agere V.92 It was really a down grade. I was logging on at 44K. Now I average about 36K
10/26/2003Yes$20-30H/Wi think v.92 is prob worth it, i'm hitting 80 plus kbps on txt files on ext v.90 ... winroute + win v.92 prob better alternative than *nix + ext v.92, interesting
10/20/2003Yes< $10H/WModem on Hold...Aol is criminal in turning off the access. Can't establish MOH connection with Net Zero either. USR 5610b works great but the Internet Call Notification software that cmae bundled with it does not.
9/28/2003No< $10SoftI would like to try v92 but aol doesn't have it in my area.
9/23/2003No< $10SoftI disabeld v44 to get my speed back i like the call swering
9/23/2003NoS/b FreeSoftUpgraded to Agere Win V.92. It sucks big time. It's slower than my old el cheapo V.90 that I took out. Gotta get the screwdriver out and put the old one back in.
9/21/2003NoS/b FreeSoftAgere 1648C dsp modem
9/16/2003NoS/b FreeSoftIalready have a v92 modem.would like the modem on hold that works with Qwest call waiting
9/13/2003NoS/b FreeSoftwhat stops the manufacturers from providing free upgrade drivers for those with v90 modems?
9/5/2003No$30-40SoftUSR5633 USB Faxmodem connection lost if connects and also won't support Caller ID at all.
9/5/2003No> $50SoftI have a generic V.92 but it's a cheapo and I don't think it's working right.
8/31/2003NoS/b FreeSoftthis is my third modem in 2 years -- that is ridiculaous. bringing the machine in to the shop and the service charges are criminal when this should be unnecessary
8/21/2003YesS/b FreeSoftAll I need is our isp to be v.92.... :\
8/20/2003Yes$20-30H/WI have a v92 by with an Intel chipset. works great. Unable to test MOH yet.
8/17/2003Yes< $10Softi dont knopw i just bought a new v 92 modem , ill come back latter to let you know more about how i feel a bout v 92 modems
8/9/2003NoS/b FreeH/Wso far my V92 hasn't shown any improvement in access speed
8/7/2003NoS/b FreeSoftHave been quite pleased with my LT WinModem (Mars3Mercury chipset) All features work as advertised, though HP hasn't a clue as how to get you MoH applet, thanks to you, I do now. :)
7/31/2003Yes$10-20H/Wv92 modems are going for 10.00
7/30/2003NoS/b FreeSoftIt sounds like having all the necessary v.92 compatibility on the consumer's end may be for naught since the ISP likely doesn't have the necessary features on its modem servers.
7/24/2003NoS/b FreeSoftModem manufactuers always advertise 'upgradability' - put up or shut up. Give us free upgrade to v.92
7/20/2003Yes$20-30SoftShould be able to wwork on speed of 82.8Kbps also.
7/19/2003Yes$10-20Softjust got a U.S Robotics V.92 Modem and it connects alot faster than the POS Lucent Win Modem V.90
7/16/2003Yes$10-20Softdoes anyone know anything about ROCKETBAND.NET? I hear that they are 100% v.92 compatible with a built-in accelerator that runs 3-5X faster than regular dialup....
7/13/2003NoS/b FreeH/WI do not upgrade to support isp upgrades, they should upgrade to support ME. Bye-bye SaberNet, Hello Earthlink.
7/11/2003Yes$40-50H/WI want ISPs to support modem on hold with fast reconnect
7/11/2003Yes< $10SoftIs it available in Australia?
6/26/2003No< $10H/WDon't buy Netodragon modem, not working in WIN2000
6/25/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI would love to answer the phone and not have to reconnect when finished.
6/21/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI am not aware of the features the V.92 has to offer
6/21/2003YesS/b FreeH/WModem on hold is gold
6/17/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI just don;t wnat to miss my calls while connected to the net
6/13/2003NoS/b FreeH/WWilling to pay for a v92 modem, but not any more for my ISP connection.
6/8/2003NoS/b FreeH/WV92 is nice, but I'd like high speed fax feature too (V34, up to 33,6 kbps, cf )
6/1/2003NoS/b FreeH/WUSRobotics promised free V.92 upgrade on their retail boxes, but their website has seen no update of more models having upgrades available. My Message Modem thus has no upgrade. I feel cheated.
6/1/2003Yes$10-20H/WI have 3 cable IP addresses, still like a back up
5/29/2003Yes$10-20H/WUsing Lucent 1648C chipset with ISP Acess4Less in Cincinnati is 5.95 a month and V92 Modem on Hold works great!
5/29/2003No< $10H/WNot very much V92 ISP's in my country... very irritating
5/24/2003NoS/b FreeSoftok.. i really need a free isp that supports v.92
5/16/2003NoS/b FreeSoftAs long as it helps me with swifter access to information I am seeking, it is great.
5/16/2003Yes$10-20SoftI am willing to pay for upgrades as long as it provides work for the unemployed not thoses greedy millionaire owners who think workers they should not have to paid for us giving our 8 hours a day to make these money hungry bosses and owner a profit
5/12/2003YesS/b FreeSoftThis modem I don
5/11/2003Yes$10-20SoftV92 is a great improvement
5/11/2003NoS/b FreeSoftHope this standard takes off.
5/3/2003NoS/b FreeSoftHurry up! all you ISPs, especially AOL
5/1/2003Yes$10-20SoftI'd like to know if my modem is upgradeable
4/29/2003NoS/b FreeSoftasaa
4/26/2003Yes< $10Softim still not totally understanding the difference between v.92 and v.90 except the fact taht it has call waiting features and promises of faster speeds(upstream/connection time etc.)
4/20/2003Yes< $10H/Whave v92 zoom pc card for laptop,its fast,,,why not a standardw'new computers......bought presario 6420, great computer, but lousy slow modem
4/20/2003Yes$10-20Softi have one it works great v90
4/11/2003Yes< $10SoftIf you buy a modem you shood have FREE upgrades from the company of your modem
4/2/2003No> $50H/WI research the Earthlink's server does not list as V92, then I went to IRC to see my IP addy and I nabbed the Qwest that ELN leased on Qwest. then I tried to access list webpage BINGO! Earthlink have V92 enabled!
3/28/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI presently have V92 with all the featchures " " I LOVE IT " "
3/27/2003Yes$40-50SoftI have a v92 but the modem on hold feature does not work
3/25/2003NoS/b FreeH/WThe V90 modem that i have is should not be rejected by a Windows XP upgrade, therefore, the upgrade of my v90 should be free, i purchased my Profile II from Gateway, that is ofcourse, if it has functionality within Windows XP Home Edition.
3/14/2003Yes$20-30SoftNetzero Platinum? They are not bad, but is better. No ads, free live tech support, plenty of v.92 POP's. $9.95 month to month, lower rates with a pre-pay, as low at $6.99 for a year. Been on them for a long time.
3/13/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI am thinking about changing from my $21.95/mo service to netzero plat.- any thoughts
3/10/2003NoS/b FreeH/WJust performed the free flash update on SwannSmart Turbo (Intel/Ambient chipset), has greatly improved stability and speed on V.90.. amazing what difference well written firmware makes.
3/10/2003Yes$10-20Softabilty to use call waiting and caller ID without losing connection would justify moderate cost
3/8/2003NoS/b FreeH/WBeing asked to pay for a software(flash) update is like being asked to pay everytime your video card manufacturer releases new drivers...
3/5/2003Yes$30-40H/WBeen on v.92 for a while and it is QUICK. I hear that a new ISP will offer v.92 + a real accelerator for a good price. It should have a market. Is it broadband performance? Of course not, but a helluva lot better than AOL or E-link.
3/1/2003Yes< $10H/WI need a new modem and am trying to find the best price performer! I have a Rockwell piece of @#%#@!
2/27/2003Yes$10-20H/WMy very new (to me) US Robotics Performance Pro 5610b WAS supposed to be all that. In reality, the GTW that came with my Gateway puts it to shame. Hope I can send this thing back.
2/27/2003Yes< $10SoftI have call-waiting on one phone line, the isp on the other. I want to eliminate the 2nd phone line.
2/21/2003Yes$20-30Softwhat a bunch of dim bulbs on this site. My works just fine. You people are stupid. What are you French?
2/19/2003Yes< $10SoftI put in a US Robptics and Creative Labs V92 modems and took both back and put in old 1 with upgrade.
2/17/2003Yes$10-20H/Wneed more v.92 ISP's!
2/17/2003NoS/b FreeSoftI bought the modem for one reason--dirt cheap! I went from an ISA 56k v.90 to PCI 56k v.92. The provider's even cheaper, though maybe not as good. Net on hold? Forget it so far. May go back to Callwave. No connection or other problems though.
2/15/2003NoS/b FreeSoftThe modem vendors should ship the Modem On Hold applets instead of letting us pay for third-party software.
2/13/2003NoS/b FreeH/WDon't expect a flash upgrade from Creative! My "Flash" DE-5620-3 Modem Blaster has never had an upgrade! LIES!!!!
2/9/2003Yes$10-20H/W They are great. I live in area with poor connections even on V90 line it is faster
2/6/2003Yes< $10Softhaving some trouble with connecting using new diamond supra(?sure!)max v.92 modem.... jeez!
2/3/2003NoS/b FreeSoftYou need to do something with the way it keeps missing the calls coming in on the internet. It just makes a clicking sound and doesn't show up on the pc
2/3/2003NoS/b FreeH/WUSR used to be 'the shiznit'. It now, unfortunately, is just 'shiit.'
2/3/2003YesS/b FreeSoftMy ISP indicates my computer manufacturer, Sony, has announced an upgrade but I can't find one...
2/2/2003No< $10SoftI have purchased 2 differant V 92 Modems and neither would work AS ADVERTISED-returned 1 for full refund kept the other as a spare because it was FREE after rebates-tech suppore for both-US ROBOTICS and BEST DATA-BITE IT
2/2/2003NoS/b FreeH/WCome's all hype!
2/1/2003Yes$40-50SoftYes, if the hype becomes reality, but I'm happy with the lucent win-modem (8.22 driver).
2/1/2003NoS/b FreeH/WI got the USR Pro Modem and it seems to work okay with (fast)!
1/29/2003Yes$20-30H/WNo USB v92 modem for Mac's (except serial) the serial one's don't support MOH, AOL supports some V92 but not MOH. so I ordered "Catch a Call for now !!!
1/25/2003YesS/b FreeH/WWarning: Creative gives no upgrades to V.92!!!!
1/23/2003NoS/b FreeH/WLook or hoping for something fast without out the high cost
1/23/2003NoS/b FreeSoftIwant to be able to use the phone when I am connected to the internet.
1/21/2003No< $10SoftI already have v.92 and v.44, I don't think earthlink supports them.
1/21/2003NoS/b FreeH/WWhile ADSL and Cable are over $A80.00/mnth (in Australia), dialup V92 will have to do as long as it works!!!!
1/20/2003NoS/b FreeSoftdon't get excited, new modem is not ready yet. You won't find any improvement. if you're not rich then wait until it become standard.
1/17/2003YesS/b FreeH/WUSR will fool me into buying same modem with different firmware, different name.


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