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Modem related problems are the biggest source of trouble for many PC computer users.

Modemsite has extensive information on dial-up modems, and can help you troubleshoot and correct problems from installation to disconnections.

Modemsite began over 10 years ago as 3 pages I called 56k=v.Unreliable. Today, there's over 400 pages of modem information - publishing the site has become my full-time job. You can view the entire site ad-free with a Premium Access Subscription. Most of the site is also available "free" with advertising.

Site Update: End of August 2015 - moving the site to a new server is now in progress. SOME SITE FEATURES MAY NOT WORK, but I'm working on checking and updating everything. If you find a problem with the site, please let me know.

Dr. Mo Dem ©James Douglas is written and maintained by 'v.Richard'

Faster Connects may come easy: check your phone line.

The most important thing you may discover at Modemsite:

Slower modem connect speeds might give you a Faster connection.

Let me repeat: A slow CONNECT speed may be faster.

1. See Check Your Throughput to understand the difference between throughput and connect speed - and how to check yours.

2. See Limiting Your Connect Speed to learn how to set speed limits that may optimize your throughput.

Then - see if a newer (or older) driver might give you a better connection.

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