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I think you've found what you're searching for.... The best, independent Modem Site on the Internet.

Welcome!  I go by "v.Richard" and do everything here - all 300+ pages.

I see you've reached Modemsite by searching for modem driver. You're probably in a hurry to find a modem driver - but, before we get to that, please read the next paragraph!

Why do you want a modem driver? If you're having installation, connectivity, disconnect, speed issues, etc., there are other important factors you need to consider and check. If your modem is working at all now, please at least get some benchmarks and investigate the true nature of your current connection! The pages on this site will show you what to do and how, but you'll have to spend a little more time than you might have planned.

NO? Just interested in a driver: Modem Drivers Main Page

But, if you're still reading - here are some suggestions:

Oh - and, if you want what I think is a really good brand new modem - check out the Modemsite DSP and Modemsite Softmodems

Other suggested starting places:

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Throughput - not connect speed - is what matters
Windows XP & Modems

I hope Modemsite will be helpful to you. And I hope you'll consider supporting this site with a Premium Access Subscription that provides you with faster, ad-free access, and subscriber-only content and downloads. is an independent information-loaded site and I don't sell (or advertise) any modems. You get my honest opinions, and useful information to help you get the best speed possible out of your modem.

IF YOU GET STUCK and have a modem-related question or problem that you can't resolve, check out Modemsite's Bulletin Board: Most questions get a helpful, prompt response. 

v.Richard, Publisher, Webmaster, Programmer, and everything else.*

* Modemsite, under almost constant update, would be impossible to do without the contribution of information and feedback from all sorts of people all over the world. 

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