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56k Modem Owner's Surveys

The NEW 56k modem survey allows you to enter speed and satisfaction ratings for any modem - please know what chipset it uses before you Take the Survey.

The survey is driven by an on-line database, allowing real-time viewing of Survey Results.

From June '99 to July '00, there were surveys for LT Win Modem, 3Com/USR Modems, and Rockwell/Conexant HCF modems. The results from these surveys have been incorporated in the new survey - thus results will show response totals for these 3 chipsets that include earlier results.

There are 3 levels of results you can view:
Summary - Displays all chipsets with # of responses, rating & link to Detail
Detail - Displays summary detail for modem chipset, summary of last 200 entries, and link to detail entries.
Detail entries - All the data collected for a survey response.

The new survey asks for some information not included in the old survey, so results for these new fields come from entries after July 30, 2000. (Including Country, Brand/Model, and Is Modem Reliable?)

Go ahead...!
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