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If you have information for a modem not in the database, click here to add a new modem listing.

Welcome to the 56k=v.Unreliable Modem Database (new 27-July-00).

Here you can search the database for modem listings; The Detail Record includes Diagnostic Commands, Firmware updates & more. When you look at the Detail Record, the bottom of the screen has a form you can use if there are errors or omissions in the information.

If you have information on a modem not listed in the database, you can add a new listing.

If you leave the Search box blank, you will get a listing of all modems in the database.

For each modem, site visitors may add comments, ratings and a review of the modem. This supplements the Modem Surveys. The ability to edit a modem listing or comments/review that you made will be coming soon.

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