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Rockwell/Conexant Soft56 HSF Modem (Updated 29-Sep-04)

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Conexant Generic Drivers - Click here to go to the Conexant Modem Driver Assistance Page. More about generic drivers - and some personal commentary: Be sure to read this, first! The latest drivers for HSF are dated from 2003 - 2004 depending upon the operating system.

NOTE! - Conexant has recently introduced a new version of HCF and HSF chipsets. The new chipsets (CX11252-11 = 'HSF2') provide 'complete' V.92 support (PCM upstream does not work with 'V.92' drivers for the old chipset version 6795-xx). The new chipset may not work correctly with generic and OEM drivers designed for the old chipset. Conexant generic drivers may not fully support the new chipset. Zoltrix (listed below) has drivers for the new chipset.

May 2004: New beta drivers from DDiX (Russia) for Windows 2000 & XP only available from Modemsite Downloads. This driver, version 7.12.02 is for HSF2 chipset. Also available - the ACorp SoftModem Booster for 7.x.x driver.

The Doctor's Modified Drivers - Based upon generic version 4.06.08, but with install/.inf files to support data/fax, data/fax/voice, and 3 variations of data/fax/voice/speakerphone; the driver also includes the HSF Booster Utility written by Dmitry Mischenko, aka the Doctor: More Info. The HSF Booster utility, also available separately, works with all versions of Windows and can help with installation of new drivers, as well as tweak the performance of the modem. The HSFBooster and the Doctor's HSF Drivers are available for download from Modemsite.  NEW 2-Jan-03: HSF2 Driver version 6.00.03 and HSFBooster 4.2 available from Modemsite downloads. New 13-Sep-03 - Beta 6.02.09 for Windows 2000 & XP available from DDiX Labs (Russia).

COMPAQ Softpaq 22040 package is an 8mb archive that contains V.92 driver version 4.06.14 for Windows 2000 & XP, as well as NetWaiting and Modem Xpert 3.31 software. MORE INFO. NetWaiting is also included in this Phoebe Micro zip: (2.3mb)
Conexant Diagnostic Server from Best Data (cxthtest.dll - 230k)

V.92 capable versions of the chipset provided by the software driver. Modem-on-hold requires a separate software applet - NetWaiting (more info).

Windows XP: Driver support for modems with HSF chipset is included with Windows XP; however, not all HSF-based modems will be recognized when XP is installed - especially with an upgrade from Windows9x/Me. XP may indicate you need an updated driver for your modem: see Windows XP & Modems for 2 solutions (do a clean XP install instead of upgrade; or, remove modem from old OS before upgrade and install modem after upgrade to XP is complete). Updated XP V.92 drivers V are available from Dell. (Thanks to Alex from for pointing out that Dell's site indicates the driver is a version # different from the real version!)

Rockwell, now Conexant, doesn't make modems - they make chipsets and develop the firmware/drivers and sell them to various modem manufacturers. The Rockwell/Conexant Soft56 (also referred to as HSF) is a HSP - host signal processor - modem. This type of modem is the "worst" kind - all modem functions are carried out by your PC, and the modem card only contains circuitry to connect to the telephone network. That is not to say the modem will not work well: the CPU load on today's high-clock-speed computers may not be significant; and, depending upon line conditions and firmware level, a decent 56k rate and throughput may be achieved in some instances.

The modem "firmware" is a virtual device driver for the Windows operating system. As with any 56k modem, the quality of the 56k implementation in firmware is an important factor affecting connectivity. You may be able to use later drivers from a source other than the vendor of your Soft56 modem. (Firmware and Driver as used on this page means the same thing.)

The Soft56 modem is included in a variety of low-end computer system packages - including E-Machines. Hewlett-Packard is including the Soft56 in some of its bottom-of-the-line systems . Note: HP-supplied Chameleon Soft56 modem is combo audio/modem card, and is different from the HCF/Riptide modem used earlier based upon the HCF chipset.

Drivers were available from Zoltrix, but the site is currently "under construction". Zoltrix's Soft56 model is FMSFT56i Cobra 56K.

As of May 2001, Phoebe Micro is selling the RocketLink as "V.92", but as of 10-May-01, Phoebe's driver download page appears to supply a V.90-only driver/firmware package for this "V.92" HSF modem. See 10-May-01 V.92 News.

How to tell what Driver you are using

 ATi3 is the command that returns the firmware/driver version. There are several ways to see the response to ATi3, but they all require that the modem not be in use. You can use HyperTerminal or Modemchk, or with Windows95/98, the ControlPanel->Modems->Diagnostics tab-> More Info... will display the modem response for a series of ATi# commands - just look for the ATI3 response.

Where to find drivers / support:

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