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Interactive Modem Troubleshooter (Updated 17-Mar-04)

This new Troubleshooter is designed to make it easier for you to find helpful information to improve your connection. Most results will include summary advice and direct you to a variety of pages on this site that may help with your problem. You can also check the Complete Troubleshooting Contents.

Make selections to get troubleshooting advice:
Select Your Problem(s) Modem chipset 
*Important! Identifying your chipset*
Your connect speed(s)
Can't get 56k connect
Get high connect but poor performance
Connect speed too low
Can't connect at all
Slow to log in
Data pauses/stops & starts
Call Waiting Trouble
Gaming/Lag/Ping Trouble
Modem speaker - too loud / soft or Answering Calls
I need INIT string for my modem
Installation problems - Win95/98/Me
Installation problems - WinNT/2k/XP & Linux
No dial tone
Modem won't hang up
PORT Already Open error
Can't Open Port
Unlisted/other problem


Don't know
Broadcom BCM
Rockwell/Conexant HCF
Rockwell/Conexant Soft56
Rockwell/Conexant ACF
Lucent/Agere LT Win Modem
Lucent/Agere Venus
Lucent/Agere Wildwire
Lucent/Agere Soft
Intel / Cirrus / Ambient
ESS / Teledrive
Not listed
Don't know
Below 24k
31.2 - 33.6k
34k - 40k
41.6k - 44k
45.3k - 49.3k
50k - 54.6k
57,600 or 115,200


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